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ERIN Translation Agency was established in 1999. Initially, we specialised only in translations from and into English, however, as the time passed, we expanded our operations and for many years now we have been offering our customers written translations and interpreting services in European and non-European languages, in many domains and industries. We cooperate with local and foreign companies and institutions and we support them in their operations. We translate commercial negotiations, training courses, conferences, symposia, correspondence, documentation, agreements, instructions, reports or analyses.

Cooperation with us lets you:

– build and maintain image of a professional company,

– conduct negotiations with foreign partners on equal ground,

– establish foreign trade contacts,

– save time,

– reach sales markets worldwide.


Professional service

We do what we know and love best – we translate and interpret.
We care about professional service and the needs of our customers.
We adapt our services to your needs, ensure attractive pricing and payment conditions, and work dilligently on your satisfaction with our work. And we can guarantee it through our excellent organisation and competence our team.


Our translations are of top quality – we work with carefully selected, experienced and verified team of translators.
Most of our translators are highly-qualified professionals, with long-term experience, members of translator organizations or associations of specialist and sworn translators and interpreters. We continuously work on our professional skills, and we also apply the latest tools of the modern technology and CAT tools, that is computer tools supporting the translation process.


We work fast and we deliver on time.
We know well how important time is for our customers. Invariably, timely completion of high-quality translations is our top priority. We are flexible and trustworthy – our customers appreciate an opportunity to order a translation at any moment and knowing that their order will be completed on time.


We protect our customers, keep trade secrets and ensure confidentiality of documents.
Protection of personal data, information contained in documents sent for translation is very important. All materials, data, texts transferred to us and related to translations are protected and covered by the confidentiality obligation. At customer’s request we conclude a separate non-disclosure agreement.


“My cooperation with Translation Agency ERIN stated in 2007. Since then, ERIN translated and proofread many of my texts in chemistry, physics and medicine. I am very pleased with their services.”

Professor at Wrocław University

“McCain Poland Sp. z o.o. informs that it has been using the translation services provided by Translation Agency ERIN from 1999. We attest to high quality of translated texts, confidentiality and timely provision so services, and we recommend Translation Agency ERIN to other companies.”

Plant Manager

Given a long-term cooperation, I am very satisfied that I can recommend services provided by Translation Agency ERIN. Translations are done with utmost editorial care, using Microsoft Office programs. As a result, they do not need any adjustments and can be presented directly.”

Leader of Investment Preparation and Execution Team – Production and Logistics, PPG Deco Polska

“Teatr Muzyczny Capitol (musical theatre) informs that it has been using the services of the Translation Agency ERIN since 2008. The agency fulfils its obligations very well and the translations we order are completed reliably and on time.”

Managing and Artistic Director

On behalf of MAX-BÖGL POLSKA Sp. z o.o. I would like to confirm high quality and professional character of services provided by the Translation Agency ERIN.  Based on our cooperation so fat we represent that provided services are solid and diligent. Quick and professional completion of translations reserves recognition.”

Commercial Proxy
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